Meet the Latest Beauty Trends at London Fashion Week Spring 2023

London fashion shows were filled with the latest prominent beauty trends through colorful makeup drawings and casual hairstyles that will be one of your next highlights. We noticed the return of many beauty trends that will accompany your aesthetic looks in the spring and summer of 2023 to suit all skin types and occasions.

Follow with us the most beautiful and latest beauty trends that will accompany your next looks and will be the source of your next aesthetic looks, whether through makeup, hairstyles and nails.

Colorful makeup drawings

Meet the Latest Beauty Trends at London Fashion Week Spring 2023

The most prominent beauty trends emerged in London with the passing of colorful makeup drawings that make your eyes more charming, especially when applying strong and gradient colors with bright shades. Apply colorful and modern makeup from the house of Halpern with light coral shades. Apply these strong gradients in a smokey style to the entire upper eyelids, while merging them with the sparkling grains drawn on the entire upper eyelids to ensure an attractive look. With this make-up, be sure not to overdo it with a strong blusher, to highlight the drawings of the eyes only.

brown lipstick

Meet the Latest Beauty Trends at London Fashion Week Spring 2023

One of the most beautiful beauty trends that does not go away is the way to pass brown lipstick colors that suit wheaten skin to be your choice in a prominent style. Inspired by the house of David Koma, choose the bright and strong gradients that stand out on the lower lip, and be sure to unify the skin tone to get a striking aesthetic look. These shades suit all skin types, but it is preferable to apply them to wheaten skin in a modern and bold style with light waves and nude on the eyelids.

Wet hairstyles

Meet the Latest Beauty Trends at London Fashion Week Spring 2023

Also featured in London Fashion Week were wet and airy hairstyles with smooth and flowing tufts on the shoulders. From the house of Nensi Dojaka, choose wet and modern hairstyles with the tufts pulled back, without the side tufts falling on the forehead to not hide the natural and bright features. These hairdos are not invalidated, especially as they require little time to apply and are one of the popular trends in various seasons.

red hair dye

And if your skin is white, choose the latest red and strong hair dye colors to make you look bright and charming. Choose from the house of 16 Arlington red hair dyes in a uniform color with smooth hairstyles to get a bright aesthetic look. You can also apply the latest hair dye colors with bright red tufts on the entire scalp, before it becomes lighter from the bottom of the hair to ensure a striking aesthetic appearance.

When applying these trends, it is necessary to allocate daily care for red hair dyes, through the use of moisturizing creams while combing the hair, and moisturizing masks once a week, in order to allow the ingredients to penetrate the hair strands to make the hairs far from dryness. This step ensures that you take care of the ends and prevent their breakage during dry and tired hair loss.

Blue eyeliner lines

Among the latest beauty trends expected in the spring of 2023, is the application of makeup lines in blue tones, in the style of Paul & Joe. Pass the broad lines of the eyeliner in light blue on the entire upper eyelids of the eyes in a geometric way and winged upwards, to get a bright and striking look. With this makeup, you can pull the nude line on the center of the lower eyelids with light beige shadows to ensure a bold and bright look at the same time.

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