5 Trends That Marked 2022

The year 2023 has begun, and it is natural, with its onset every year, to reflect on what we went through and, and even in terms of fashion for all fashion and fashion lovers. Although the basics don’t change in our wardrobe with the change of years, some trends and trends emerge every season and print the headlines of fashion as well as decorate the looks of our favorite celebrities and fashion bloggers like Kendall Jenner, Zendaya and Hailey Bieber.

The trends that we saw on the catwalks may be too many… but we will summarize for you the top 5 trends that distinguished the year 2022.

Many of the trends we saw this year were characterized by their casual, practical nature, a style that many of us prefer, such as loose denim, elegant sports shoes, modern suits, tank tops, and more. Some other trends also captured the hearts of fashionistas, such as the coat with its integrated scarf, the jacket known as the vest, bold dresses, and more…

#1 Cargo pants

5 Trends That Marked 2022

Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Bieber made us fall in love with cargo pants this year. Gigi chose the white color from the ISABEL MARANT brand during Paris Fashion Week, with which she coordinated the crop top and the oversized jacket, a look that combined the feminine and modern practical look. Match these pants with the blazer or with the distinctive winter coats to add an elegant touch to the look, or with the high-necked sweater for a warm winter look. All these options and more confirm that the cargo pants were one of the most popular designs in 2022, and this trend will be completed with us in spring. Summer 2023.

#2 Coats with scarves

5 Trends That Marked 2022

Stylish coats with built-in scarves have been at the top of the list of trending coat designs for fall-winter 2022-2023, this two-piece design in one (coat and scarf) is a must-have in winter wardrobe Options include coats from The Row that feature a classic cut, nude and a scarf that protects you from the cold.

#3 Wide denim pants

Narrow pants in favor of the loose story, and the stars bear a great deal of credit for launching this trend, besides the designs that appeared on the catwalks. Wide denim pants are one of the most prominent models of classic and modern denim pants at the same time. They help you get a slim figure, especially with a high waist cut. You can coordinate these pants with a shirt and high-heeled sandals for a touch of elegance, or wear them with sneakers for a working day in the office or on vacation. Weekend.

#4 The extra large or micro bags

With regard two bags, two contradictory trends emerged, the first being the fashion for large bags and the exaggerations of their size, which moved the looks to another level and caught the eye, such as the designs of Brandon Maxwell and Bottega Veneta, and it is an accessory that is suitable for modern women and those with a bold style. Besides the oversized bags, there are also micro bags, that is, very small ones, which contribute to providing your looks with a unique touch that appeared in the fashion show of the Chanel and Fendi houses, and sometimes tended to be more like an accessory to decorate the look.

#5 the tank tops

It is true that tank tops have always been considered a classic piece, but in the year 2022, it took on a new look when fashion houses presented it, adorned with their logos, and it became an essential piece for a modern look. Thanks to a number of fashion houses, especially Prada and Bottega Veneta, this top has gained a distinct share of the trends and was the most desired and popular in the year 2022.

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