5 Fashion Tricks for Short Girls Inspired by Fashionista Looks

By following certain tricks, you can appear taller than you are. There are many ideas that we show you through pictures of fashionistas and famous influencers on Instagram. Watch them and follow our tips.

#1 Go for uniform color in one look

5 Fashion Tricks for Short Girls Inspired by Fashionista Looks

One of the most important fashion tricks used to increase height is to adopt a unified color in the entire look, especially nude colors. We match the royal blue suit with a top and a medium-length coat of the same color and choose the bag and shoes in black. Adopting black in the entire look helps in slimming and elongating the body. Try coordinating the black blazer with a high-necked sweater, leather pants, and accessories of the same color.

#2 The boots are the same color as the pants

5 Fashion Tricks for Short Girls Inspired by Fashionista Looks

Choosing the boot of the same color as the pants or skirt is preferable if you are short in stature so as not to divide the length of the leg and appear shorter. Match the black boot that reaches just below the knee with black skinny pants and wears a top of the same color and completes the elegant look with a khaki blazer and a shoulder bag with a houndstooth print. We coordinate the short black boots with skinny black pants and a light black sweater and complete the look with a medium-length camel coat and a scarf of the same color.

#3 Fashion skirts winter 2023

There are several popular skirt models that are suitable for women of short stature. At the top of the list are straight-cut skirts and those decorated with pleated pleats. Wear the straight-cut white knitted skirt decorated with a slit on the side a short light camel cardigan and tall nude boots. Wear a dark waist pleated leather skirt with a leather shirt of the same color, and complete the look with black pointed shoes with thin heels, a tote bag in the skirt's color, and a long camel coat.

#4 V-Neck Sweaters

Adopt the trend of woolen sweaters designed with a V-neck collar to help you lengthen the neck and the upper part of the body. Wear the short cream sweater with light blue high-waisted jeans, light cocoa short boots, and carry a camel shoulder bag.

Wear a short wide white sweater with dark green joggers, and wear sports shoes close to the color of leather or white. It is preferable to carry a medium-sized bag and avoid the popular large models.

#5 Trendy flare leggings

The fashion of flared pants is back to the fore once again, and it is one trend that contributes to lengthening the stature, especially in the leg area. Adopt high-waisted black pants with a short beige sweater that I fold inside, decorate the waist with a wide belt of the same color as the pants, and wear short pointed boots. Choose a camel suit consisting of wide flared pants and a short jacket decorated with buttons on both sides, and coordinate it with a black top and high-heeled shoes. [All Picture Details Via “5 Fashion Tricks for Short Girls Inspired by Fashionista Looks” on Instagram].

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