8 Simple Ideas to Introduce Feng Shui Style to Home Decoration

The design of your home has an enormous impact on your happiness, as the space that makes you feel good reflects on other aspects of your life.

To enhance a sense of harmony with your home, try these simple ways to incorporate the Feng Shui system into your home décor.

#1 Welcome Entrance Design

8 Simple Ideas to Introduce Feng Shui Style to Home Decoration

The reaction you get when you enter your home is the energy that you will bring with you to the rest of the house. Create a positive first impression with a stylish entryway that feels bright and inviting. Add plants, and plenty of lighting so you don’t enter a dark room. Make sure doors open and close, difficult locks are frustrating.

#2 Remove obstacles in your movement inside the house

8 Simple Ideas to Introduce Feng Shui Style to Home Decoration

Study your daily routine in the house to make this movement easier and easier. Arrange furniture that allows open corridors in and around rooms. In living rooms, for example, do not place the back of the sofa towards the entrance to the room, using circular coffee tables. Try to choose rounded corners rather than sharp edges as they allow for a smoother, clearer flow.

#3 Evoking Feng Shui plants

8 Simple Ideas to Introduce Feng Shui Style to Home Decoration

Plants represent the life force in the Feng Shui system. It brings life to your home, adding vibrancy and freshness, as it provides a literal connection to nature.

Choose the right varieties for the lighting conditions in your home and your ability to take care of them. Beware of prickly or pointed leaves. Plants with round, smooth leaves help to feel comfortable.

#4 Balance

The spacious home with minimalist decor is soothing to the eye and calms the senses. But in a large room with little furniture, the energy rushes in like a flood and can make you feel lost. A small room filled with a lot of furniture does not give space for the energy to move, resulting in a feeling of stagnation.

#5 Remove terrible memories

Remove anything from the house that brings back terrible memories. Such as photographs or mementos of events that did not go well. Keep more things that make your family smile.

#6 Get rid of the clutter

Excessive clutter can hinder the flow of energy in your home. If you feel tired, depressed, or unmotivated, this is likely one reason. Use organizing solutions that help you reduce clutter and eliminate unnecessary or unwanted items that take up space.

#7 Distribution of furniture in rooms

When you’re lying in bed or sitting at your desk, you should be able to see the door to the room, often with the door making sure there’s a solid wall behind you. Although you should be able to see who is entering your space, being in front of the door puts you in a vulnerable position.

#8 Creating Balance Through Feng Shui Colors

Color can either offend or elevate a room’s appearance: muted, nature-inspired tones encourage calm, while brighter, more vibrant colors increase energy levels. Keep dark colors low on the floor to provide a solid foundation. Then apply light colors to walls and ceilings for a balanced and open effect. Opposite applications, light-colored floors combined with dark walls, can lead to an unpleasant and unbalanced feeling.

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