Timeless Classic Gemstones Including Pearls

With their strong monochromatic colors, some gemstones have a classic feel can stand the test of time. Pearls are essential in the list of these stones, which include diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Because of their classic character, jewelry pieces with this type of stone are ideal to be passed down from one family to another. Read on to learn about the most beautiful types of classic stones.

Diamonds: Nothing Beats Their Luster

Timeless Classic Gemstones Including Pearls

Diamonds are one of the most beautiful and most precious gemstones, and they are distinguished by their luster, luster, and elegance. Diamonds are formed at a depth of 160.93 km in the ground under very high temperatures and then rise to the surface because of volcanic activity.

The diamond is ideal for setting various pieces of jewelry, as it is the hardest natural substance on earth, and it does not get scratched unless another diamond comes in contact with it. The colors of diamond stone range from colorless to yellow so that the diamond stone can take different colors, including pink, blue and others.

Sapphire: the stone of kings

Timeless Classic Gemstones Including Pearls

The word sapphire in English is derived from the Greek “sappheiros” or the Latin “saphirus”, which means blue. Like diamonds, forming sapphire takes millions of years into the earth’s interior and under tremendous pressure and heat. Sapphire, thanks to its opulent color, is associated with royal families, and the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring, Kate Middleton, is a good example of this.

This ring, owned by Princess Diana, is studded with a 12-carat sapphire and 14 diamonds.

Emerald: a rich green color

Timeless Classic Gemstones Including Pearls

Emerald belongs to the beryl family and is formed in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks under tremendous heat and pressure in a process that takes hundreds of millions of years.

Emerald comprises four elements such as beryllium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen. Emerald stones take their green color because of the presence of chromium, vanadium or iron. Colombian emeralds are one of the finest and most beautiful emeralds, and have a pure, warm, rich green colour.

Ruby: a bold stone

Ruby stones are distinguished by their bright and bold red color. Ruby is considered a desirable stone because of its hardness, durability, rarity and, of course, luster.

In fact, ruby ​​is considered a ruby, as the properties of the two stones are similar, except of course for the color. Ruby is said to restore vitality, improve eyesight, and boost blood circulation in the body.

Pearls: your friend with unique looks

Pearls are associated with classic choices in the jewelry world. Unlike the gemstones we mentioned above, pearls are formed when a foreign body enters the mollusk’s shell, which protects itself and secret calcium carbonate.

Then this material takes the form of layers covering the foreign body, thus forming the pearl stone we know. Pearls come in different colors, with white, cream, pink, black, gray and silver among the most popular. Although some consider it a classic stone,

Pearls are enough to transform your look into a charming one if you add to it other gemstones such as diamonds.

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