7 Ways to Preserve Your Sofa and Make It Last Longer

Sofas or couches are expensive pieces of furniture that can take you a long time to choose the best shape and material for them, and when you buy them, you want to make sure that they stay in good condition and look elegant, for as long as possible.

There are several factors that determine how long your couch will last, depending on the make and model of the couch, the material it is made of, or the wood itself, as the average life of a couch is 10 years.

However, because it is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home, it is also prone to wear very early, but with a variety of ways and tricks, you can preserve the couch and make it long-lasting, with great elegance, this report reviews it for you…

Regular vacuuming on the sofa

7 Ways to Preserve Your Sofa and Make It Last Longer

Vacuum cleaners are not just for floors, you can also use them on your couch, to keep it clean at all times by getting rid of dirt or dust mites from it and removing food or other things left in the corners of the couch, and then to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.

Leather sofa softener

7 Ways to Preserve Your Sofa and Make It Last Longer

If your couch is made of leather rather than fabric, you will need to take a different approach, by applying a leather moisturizer to keep it couch, always shiny, and prevent wrinkles.

heart sofa cushions

7 Ways to Preserve Your Sofa and Make It Last Longer

Couch pillows and pillowcases deteriorate over time, but you can slow it down by rotating your pillows at least a few times a month (if they are removable), to extend their durability and keep the couch looking plump.

And after a few years of buying your couch, you can refill your cushions with new filling to keep them plump and comfortable.

Keep away from sources of heat or direct sunlight

7 Ways to Preserve Your Sofa and Make It Last Longer

The abundance of natural light in your living room can bring you happiness, which can have the opposite effect on your couch.

Therefore, be careful when deciding where to place the couch in your room, as sources of heat and sunlight will cause discoloration in most fabric sofas and dry out the leather in the leather sofas.

Cover it with blankets

Blankets, pillows, and sofa covers provide the perfect protection from daily sofa damage and are easier to clean than furniture fabrics, just put your sofa covers in the washing machine and wash, them to ensure they last as long as possible and, feel you have a new sofa.

Avoid eating and jumping on them

One of the most and fastest ways to damage the sofa after a short time, eating or drinking on it, jumping and children playing on it, incorrect habits that may lead to spills on its precious fabric, and also the possibility of breaking its wood from young people.

Ongoing maintenance

One way you can make your sofa last longer is to keep it up to date by checking on it every now and then, making sure all the screws are properly tightened, and checking for loosening.

When moving furniture, be sure to handle it gently, as sudden bulges can loosen the connections between the sofa.

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