It’s a Platformer Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

The ancient role raced to master it and its height, either in a geometric or arched shape. There are no limits to creativity with the fashion giants of this season. As if the fashion that devoted a lot of space since the spread of the pandemic until its decline to comfortable flat shoes and loungewear fashion, has avenged itself, and has come back to launch a new challenge for those wishing to experience high-altitude mobility. For winter 2023 we say Goodbye to high heels and hello to pointed models and huge and wide heels…


It’s a Platformer Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

Versace launched the famous Medusa shoe design for the winter of 2023 in a shiny rubber latex, with a towering platform characterized by high legs and coordinated with a striped gray skirt, equipped with a side slit that reveals the design of these exquisite boots.

Balmain and the Little Prince’s shoes

It’s a Platformer Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

To the masterpiece “The Little Prince” by Anton Saint-Exupéry, Balmain brings us its collection, inspired by the character of the Little Prince. Short or high-waisted white rubber boots have been created and feature high-heeled heels.

Designed by Amina Maadi

For Winter 2023, creative designer Amina Maadi created Ankle Boots, leather shoes with a wide platform, and geometric style on the front, but with a high heel.

Giuseppe Zanotti

The Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti created a masterpiece of Peep Toe Sandals in gold-tone mirror leather, inlaid by hand with beads of glowing crystal, which he called Tariffa Jewel Sandals.

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