Ceramic is a Permanent Renewable Material and is a Desirable Decorative Material

Ceramic is a Permanent Renewable Material and is a Desirable Decorative Material
3D render of stylish high-key bathroom furniture against rough sand dune wall tile. Double basin with chrome faucets and mirror.

Ceramic is a desirable material for decoration, especially in floor and wall cladding, and it may mimic natural materials, especially marble and parquet wood, and is available in several colors at an acceptable cost. In this context, it is correct to choose glossy ceramics that warm the hall and make it look welcoming, or to use ceramics similar to concrete, with a matt color, knowing that ceramics fit all models and show elegance and luxury according to the way it is used. Here are the tips for using ceramic material in contemporary interior decoration.

ceramic walls

Ceramic is a Permanent Renewable Material and is a Desirable Decorative Material

1. It is attractive to choose ceramics that imitate marble with prominent veins, in the cladding of the walls of the luxurious reception hall. A sign that the larger the ceramic piece, the more beautiful it is.

2. It is important to provide the ceramic-clad wall with lighting units, in order to highlight its attractive details.

3. Ceramic tiles have countless advantages, including lightness, flexibility, low maintenance requirements, and attractive appearance, especially when using the aforementioned material, in cladding bathroom and kitchen walls, work surfaces in the latter, and the space between upper and lower cabinets.

ceramic flooring

1. It is attractive to tile the floor with ceramics of one color, with the application of a simple geometric design in a dark color.

2. To create space in the space, it is preferable to choose light-colored ceramics (beige shades, for example, or gray) for the floor covering.

3. Ceramics that imitate parquet are desirable to clad the floors of a modern home, regarding the ease of cleaning the mentioned material and the luxury that it spreads in the void.

4. There is no objection to choosing ceramics, which takes the form of concrete, on the floor covering in any room of the house.

5. If the entrance to the house is narrow, choose “modern” ceramics, which are available in square shapes and in two contrasting colors.

6. If the salon is open to the dining corner, it is desirable to design a drawing in the middle of the ceramic-covered floor in the hall, to be distributed around the drawing of the sofas, with the implementation of a similar panel under the dining table.

7. In the bedroom, it is far from choosing the lines, drawings, and designs of the ceramic floor.

8. In the bathroom, it is preferable to cover the floor with light-colored ceramics, with the possibility of choosing the design for the wall as well.

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