The Hottest Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2022

Of all the trends this season, nail polish is the most fun as women like to follow bold trends when choosing nail polish. The summer nail trends of 2022 were distinguished between calm and close to transparent colors and between bright and bold colors, and in this article we collected for you the most desirable nail polish trends in the summer of 2022.

Metallic colors

The Hottest Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2022

Metallic colors have gained a lot of popularity in recent times, and we find them in fashion, make-up, and nail polish is no exception. Many women choose metallic colors to complement their evening looks with glossy paint and sparkling copper colors.

Calm nude shades

The Hottest Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2022

With the appearance of natural nails and calm colors, the stars shined on the red carpet in the recent period. And as we always say, if you are confused when choosing the color of nail polish, always choose the nude colors. This trend is still dominant since its appearance until now.

Sea tones

The Hottest Nail Polish Trends for Summer 2022

The color of the sea is the favorite of many girls, and it is a color that we can only wear in the summer, as it is a refreshing color that reflects the coldness of the water and is one of the bold and attractive natural colors.

Bold pink

To everyone, that pink is one of the most prevalent summer trends of 2022, and we find it in fashion, bags and shoes. If you love pink, this season will be the perfect time to put your favorite color and follow the latest fashion trends at the same time.

fiery red color

Many women choose red as nail polish, but it is one trend that come back every season, and fiery red is returning this season as a fashion trend, so we find many social media celebrities and artists this summer who put red in their last looks on social media.

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