Relaxing Holiday in Amiens, France

On the banks of the Somme River in the heart of the Picardy region, the French city of Amiens is full of surprises. Surrounded by peaceful countryside, this small, vibrant city boasts a variety of cultural events and unique points of interest.

For those who want to go further, there are several excellent day trip destinations within 30 kilometers of Amiens, which reenact scenes from prehistoric times.

Amiens is so close to Paris that it can be a day-trip destination by car or train; The journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, while the train journey takes just over an hour. Below are the most famous tourist addresses in Amiens.

San Luo District

Relaxing Holiday in Amiens, France

Dating back to the Middle Ages, the neighborhood exudes historical attractions combined with a modern, modern vibe. Tourists feel transported back in time as they wander through a patchwork of narrow cobbled lanes. Along the way, hikers will discover attractive half-timbered houses and colorful buildings on the waterfront.

This vibrant neighborhood is filled with restaurants, cafes, art galleries, bookstores, antique stores, and owned small boutiques. The best way to soak up the atmosphere is in one of the outdoor cafes – many of which overlook Notre Dame Cathedral.

The neighborhood stretches from Notre Dame Cathedral to Port d’Aval on the Somme River. The scenic path along the Somme River makes way for pleasant strolls. Reminiscent of Venice, the area traverses canals and can be toured by boat.

Marsh Gardens

Relaxing Holiday in Amiens, France

Tourists will be surprised to visit the bog gardens of Les Hortillonnages, which are accessible only by boat, covering an area of ​​300 hectares on the swampy islands of this unique ecosystem. Scattered within canals, lush swamp gardens seem to float in the water.

Since the Middle Ages, these floating gardens have been cultivated by gardeners who used special boats to transport fresh fruits and vegetables to the market.

For those who want to experience the waterways of Les Hortillonnages, guided boat tours are available from April to October. You can also rent a boat or kayak (for a day or a half day) and paddle out at your own pace.

Jules Verne Circus

Ambani has a tradition in the circus arts, and since 1889, magnificent spectacles have entertained audiences at Circus Jules Verne, the national center for circus and street art.

The facility includes an auditorium for circus performances and a circus school, which trains thousands of circus students. The circus hall seats 3,000 people but still provides a warm atmosphere.

For many tourists, attending a circus show ranks high on the list of things to do while visiting Amiens. The program of events includes circus acts such as juggling, acrobatics, and clowns, as well as musical, dance, and theatrical performances. With a new season introduced every year, the shows are always amazing, inspiring, and full of surprises.

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