Discover Miu Miu’s Luxurious and Symbolic Handbag Creations

Miu Miu introduces two new luxurious handbag pieces that combine reality and surrealism through the symbolic significance of the Matelassé motifs, which hold exceptional importance for the brand, portrayed in images that explore remote regions.

Discover Miu Miu's Luxurious and Symbolic Handbag Creations

These pieces consist of two models: the iconic Wander bag, already established as an icon for Miu Miu, and the Arcadie bag, introduced by the brand for the first time in collaboration with international model Gigi Hadid.

Discover Miu Miu's Luxurious and Symbolic Handbag Creations

Like an ancient Greek legend, the Arcadie bag reflects an ideal poetic setting, spreading joy, perfection, and delight that immerse into the rich nature of these perfect spaces with the strokes of random and authentic embellished brushwork, adorned with Miu Miu's distinctive Matelassé motifs. Modern lightness intertwines with traditional leather craftsmanship, adding a distinct texture and depth to the bags.

It is worth mentioning that these images of the bag were captured by the lens of Steven Meisel, inspired by the American artist Margaret Keane and her life and spirit. Meisel invokes his artistic world, instantly recognizable, to reshape the universe of the Miu Miu heroine. It is a tribute that designs a stunning environment for these images, showcasing both Gigi and Miu Miu accessories.

In this series of familiar and captivating images of extraordinary life, Gigi gazes at us with curious eyes, connecting effortlessly with the distinct it essence, which is evident in her gestures, mood, and emotions.

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