The Latest Modern Colors for Home Walls and Furnishings in 2023

Every year at International Fashion Weeks, the haute couture shows define the trendy colors that will be worn on and off the catwalks and even our wardrobes.

However, seasonal color trends are not just about clothing and accessories but extend to our homes, furnishings, and décor.

With autumn approaching and winter approaching, it is natural for many women to feel the desire to make some changes at the house to adapt to the changing seasons.

From nature-inspired colors, such as green and terracotta, to softer, muted colors, such as pale yellow and aquamarine, through to neutral shades, such as gray, we present to you in this report the colors of walls and furnishings for the house between late 2022 and early 2023.

Green in shades of forest bushes

The Latest Modern Colors for Home Walls and Furnishings in 2023

Green in shades of forest shrubs is the color of the year 2023, a great classic of the season, and a symbol of lush foliage and evergreen plants.

This color is suited for elegant living room walls but also for a plush velvet sofa, to welcome the coming winter and give your home a luxurious look.

terracotta color

The Latest Modern Colors for Home Walls and Furnishings in 2023

Fall/Winter 2022/2023 contrasts bold, bright and cheerful colors, reflecting a desire for change, with a series of classic and neutral shades that give the sense of calm and serenity we always need.

The most noticeable seasonal change is shown by the change in the color of the leaves which turn towards orange and red and the warm colors that define earth colors such as terracotta which can be chosen for your kitchen walls and cabinets, to give your house new positive energy.

Aquamarine color

The Latest Modern Colors for Home Walls and Furnishings in 2023

From the desire to feel calm in our homes, the soft aquamarine or aquamarine color comes at the top of the list of 2023 color trends, a shade that is a mixture of green and sky blue, so it is characterized by attractive modernity.

A shade of aquamarine can be chosen for the walls of the bedroom, and also for a comfortable sofa in the living room, where you can relax after a stressful day.

Violet and lavender

From light mauve to lavender, these shades hit the designer catwalks for Fall/Winter 2022-2023 and also for home furnishings.

Thus, violet is very dominant in 2023 in the home, which can be chosen for the entrance walls of the house, for a wonderfully dramatic and attractive touch.

These soft tones can also be chosen for bedroom bedding.

Color sugar paper blue

Between shades of light blue and gray comes sugar paper blue that can always impart strong calmness to any space.

You can choose to use this color in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the living room, or at the entrance for wallpaper or paint.

Warm yellow

In the autumn, the sun loses its scorching heat and becomes softer, warmer, and tender, the sensations that we want to bring into the house by choosing warm yellow for the walls of the dining room, to enjoy the wonderful family gatherings full of bright atmosphere.

Neutral colors

The Fall/Winter 2022/2023 color palette also includes some traditional contrasts, such as different neutrals like tapioca, a kind of creamy pearly white that matches sandy tones, thus giving your home a luminous touch.

As for the Scandinavian-style furnishings in wood and soft shapes, it fits perfectly in neutral tones such as gray for the walls or with pillows and covers to distribute on chairs and sofas to accommodate the cool outside temperatures with a warm embrace inside the house.

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