How to Take Care of Thick Hair in the Summer

Thick hair adds beauty and attractiveness to women, but it may cause her some annoying problems, especially in the summer and hot weather, unlike light hair that is easy to comb and take care of, so we will highlight in the coming lines the most prominent problems of thick hair and ways to take care of it in the summer In particular, in order to help women with thick hair to achieve the best care for it and give it vitality, luster and natural beauty at the same time.

From this point of view, we will learn how to take care of thick hair in the summer.

The most prominent problem of thick hair in the summer

How to Take Care of Thick Hair in the Summer

#1 Thick hair takes a long time to finish styling.

#2 Difficulty brushing thick hair may contribute to the spread of bacteria and germs that are harmful to the scalp.

#3 Heavy tangles prevent hair from getting good overall cleansing and hydration.

#4 Thick and dry hair are one of the major problems you face in the summer.

#5 Excessive hair loss is one of the constant annoying problems.

#6 Using hair dryers to dry thick hair can cause it to be damaged and split ends all the time.

How to take care of thick hair in the summer

How to Take Care of Thick Hair in the Summer

#1 Cut the ends of thick hair every month, to avoid breakage and damage during the summer.

#2 Choosing natural masks and thick hair care products according to the type of hair follicles, with specialized experts, and nothing else.

#3 Use a tangle-reducing product when brushing thick hair.

#4 brush the thick hair from the bottom until it is untangled and not exposed to breakage or breakage of the follicles.

#5 Drying thick hair in a natural way without using heat stylists of all kinds, to improve the health of its follicles in the summer and not the other way around.

#6 Use a wooden wide-toothed comb to brush thick hair daily, to keep it and reduce the chances of tangling.

#7 Wash thick hair twice a week and no more in the summer.

#8 Detangle thick hair with fingers throughout the day, to avoid tangling.

#9 It is best to braid thick hair in the summer.

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