How to Cool Wide Nails?

What is the way to cool broad nails to beautify the shape of the nail? The nail cooling process is essential and important for getting beautiful and attractive nails that suit all your occasions and looks. Many women have a broad nail problem which makes the shape of the nail look short, so here's how to cool the wide nails and the shape you have to adopt to get beautiful nails.

Suitable shape for wide nails

How to cool wide nails?

The first step before you cool your nails is to choose the suitable chiller and nail shape for you, so choose the suitable chiller to cool your wide nails, in which case the wooden chiller is the most suitable for you. The almond shape has its wide nails which makes your fingers long. If your fingers are long, you can adopt nails in an oval shape. It is also preferable that the length of nails is medium or short so that the fingers do not look overly long.

Wide nail cooling method

Start washing your hands and drying them thoroughly to prevent nails from breaking, then choose a wooden cooler to cool your wide nails. Then cool your nails from both sides, hold the cooler in a slash, and cool in one direction until you have the required shape. The almond or oval shape will make your fingers look more harmonious, one of the smoothest and most feminine.

Make sure you pass the radiator from the right side to the center and when you see the circular edge of the nail, move from the left side to the center and you get an oval shape. To get the shape of the almond nails is the same step, but pass the cooler gently and quietly at the sharp point, ensuring that the cooler is tilted one way so that your nails become attractive.

After finishing the nail cold, wash your hands and apply your moisturizer cream to make sure your nails are hydrated and not broken. You can also add a suitable nail polish color for great and attractive nails.

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