How Fashion Houses Made Evening Dresses for Girls?

International fashion houses excelled this year in presenting and designing the most beautiful and latest looks of long and short evening dresses. In various fabrics and colors; Young girls prefer dresses that suit their style and age to suit different occasions and parties. In this album, “Shiny Eve” shows you a model of long evening dresses for girls from international fashion houses to inspire the design that is closest to you.

Long black evening dress from Doucan

How Fashion Houses Made Evening Dresses for Girls?

If you are a fan of the black color, you can adopt this dress from Doucan, which is designed with thin straps of black fabric; The skirt is made of a short layer of crepe fabric with an attractive cut and falls in a long elegant style, besides a long fluffy skirt made of shiny chiffon in black.

Pink long evening dress from Rami Al Ali

How Fashion Houses Made Evening Dresses for Girls?

For girls who prefer to adopt soft colors and elegant dresses, you can wear this dress from Rami Al Ali, which was designed with a long cut, short puffed shoulders, and a blue cape design, and the long, narrow skirt was designed with a thin belt in blue.

Ihab Jiryis Short Gold Evening Dress

For an attractive evening, you can wear this dress from Ihab Jiryis. It was designed with thin straps and a front bodice. The dress was short in black and decorated with an additional piece of satin in gold; With an extra long and fluffy skirt in a distinctive golden color.

Long blue evening dress from Mena Talal

In the last design, we recommend this dress from the Mena Talal brand. It was designed with a long length of satin fabric in blue. It came with a cap design studded with stones and shiny diamond beads and a long, wide skirt that reveals both sides of one leg. It came with a circular piece that wrapped around the neck, studded with shiny beads, and dropped with a long chiffon in blue.

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