5 Manicure Colors that Every Woman Needs in the Fall

Autumn manicure colors according to the shape of the nails you will find in this topic. Follow with us the newest nail manicure methods for this season and discover with us the fall manicure colors that are suitable for them. Nails come in many shapes and sizes and fall into manicure colors. Here are the newest fall manicure color, and tips for applying them to match your nail style.

Autumn manicure colors for medium-length square nails

5 Manicure Colors that Every Woman Needs in the Fall

If you have short or medium-length nails, we advise you to trim them in a square shape. Glossy black is a fall manicure color that can go with all nail shapes, but it’s perfect for square ones.

Paint nails in glossy black, or you can wear pink and white floral graphics on the middle and ring fingers, or apply custom nail stickers, in Claudia Li’s style.

How to apply autumn manicure colors with shroud-shaped nails

5 Manicure Colors that Every Woman Needs in the Fall

Shroud nails were popular at Dion Lee’s show and are the perfect choice for women with long nails. You can go for metallic fall nail colors to stand out with this style of the nail.

Square nails with oval tips and fall manicure colors to match

You can use the same color in fall manicures, trendy with striped nails with square lengths and oval tips. We advise you to try the wide metallic French manicure inspired by Halpren's offers.

Autumn manicure colors for long almond nails

Red is renewed with strong pink tones every year to become one of the most important fall manicure colors that suit all skin colors and can be applied with long and short nails. The almond shape of nails adopted in the Laquan Smith show is distinguished by red nails.

Long round nails and fall manicure colors for her

The colors of the fall manicure varied with glitter tones that suit long nails, especially rounded ones. You can experiment with gold glitter manicures with silver tones for a distinct color in the Mar Karian style.

You need a modern and distinctive fall manicure color, with a correct nail trim method, so adopt the ideas that we presented to you from the global offers for fall 2022.

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