10 Fashionable Accessories Inspired by Paris Fashion Weeks 2023

Paris fashion weeks and luxury showcases are filled with coordinated outfits, complete with stylish accessories like bracelets, rings, and necklaces. These accessories are added as finishing touches to outfits, and serve as an artistic touch that elevates the overall look. Here are the top 10 accessories that stood out during Paris fashion week for high-end fashion.

#1 Long Gloves

10 Fashionable Accessories Inspired by Paris Fashion Weeks 2023

You can choose long gloves that reach up to the elbow or just below, made from mesh or metallic fabric or white leather.

#2 Choker Necklaces

10 Fashionable Accessories Inspired by Paris Fashion Weeks 2023

We saw some rounds in summer 2023 with necklaces that we wear as multi-layered collars, but they are distinguished by their proximity to the neck unlike different length chains, which we saw in previous seasons.

#3 Big Flowers on the Neck

Some outfits were adorned with large flowers, woven by designers onto necklines to decorate a blazer or dress. These accessories were seen at the Armani Prive show, made from shiny materials.

#4 The Geometric Hat

We have seen hats with various geometric designs or with a futuristic touch that reminds us of the 80s style. You can choose a single color or decorate it with shiny fringes, which are essential for the upcoming summer season.

#5 Dantelle Accessories

10 Fashionable Accessories Inspired by Paris Fashion Weeks 2023

As designers relied on hair accessories made from stiff tulle and wrapped with a braid, as seen in the Giorgio Armani show.

#6 Huge Belts

What caught our eye in some of the high-end summer 2023 shows were the feminine belts that embellished dresses and suits at the Elie Saab show, characterized by their huge size and being made of shiny satin or silk crepe.

#7 Over-the-knee socks

Elevate your chic outfit with over-the-knee thick colored socks paired with high heels, or opt for transparent socks cinched with bows and sparkling silver stones.

#8 Asymmetrical earrings

Choose big earrings from both sides but with different models. In the past, we saw a single earring fixed on one ear, while the other dangled from the second ear, but now both earrings appear to have a different design, which distinguishes their appearance especially in the Fendi show.

#9 Bag-Box

Some runway shows featured bags in the shape of a box or metallic or satin boxes or leather, equipped with a handle for easy carrying.

#10 High necktie

You can choose high neckties from black satin at VALENTINO, paired with a white shirt, or with a brightly colored jacket, or you can put a feminine knot of satin with jackets and dresses.

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