Why do cats like cardboard boxes?

If you have a cat at home or a friend, you must have seen his strange passion for jumping inside and piling into carton boxes, this is not an individual case, all cats are like this, a question that puzzled veterinary scientists from Utrecht University: Does hiding in carton boxes reduce tension in cats?

The answer is yes, as scientists have found, they said that hiding in cardboard boxes reduces tension, at least in the short term, and that it's not just something for fun, but serious, because the tension of household cats when they go to shelters not only makes them unhappy, but affects their immunity, and exposes them to infection.

The team led by Dr. Claudia Finke did this experiment by splitting a sample of cats who had just arrived at the shelter from the house into two groups, one who supplied them with boxes and the other not, and then followed up their behavior for over two weeks using a rate that measured stress and stress.

On the third day of the experiment, scientists observed that the rate of tension of cats deprived of boxes was greater than the other, although some were fine but others were, and then approached the rate of the two groups over two weeks.

The number of cats on which the experiment was conducted was 19, and the paper concluded that the hiding fund seemed useful for cats to adapt to the new, tense environment conditions that were transmitted to them, especially during the first week after their arrival, and the researchers hope they will extend this work to longer-term studies.

Why Do Cats Like Boxes? It’s Hard To Explain. It's Because They Like Warmth, Or It's How Individual Species Of Animals Hide From Social Communication.

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