Top Men’s Wedding Suit Trends for Summer 2024

When it comes to the wedding day, a man seeks elegance and luxury that reflect his personality and highlight his attractiveness for this special occasion. For 2024, the latest groom suits come in designs that blend tradition with modernity, offering a variety of options to suit everyone's taste. From simple designs to intricate details, here are the latest trends in men's wedding suits for the summer of 2024.

The wedding suits this season vary, ranging from classic tuxedos in cashmere or crepe to more flexible and buttonless fabrics, resembling a women's blazer from Dolce & Gabbana. The colors of the suits also range from black to white, beige, striped gray, and navy blue. We have chosen this collection from the finest men's brands to inspire grooms to find what suits their taste.

The Black Suit with Gold Buttons

Top Men's Wedding Suit Trends for Summer 2024

Many men prefer classic suits with modern touches, such as detailed gold buttons and narrow lapels that add distinction to the design. The brand Moschino offers this satin suit with a classic wide cut and shiny fabric, suitable for grooms on their wedding day, with an attractive touch of gold buttons. It can be paired with a white shirt and white shoes to add a youthful and lively touch to the look.

Elegance and Luxury with Fine Fabrics

Top Men's Wedding Suit Trends for Summer 2024

For men seeking luxurious elegance, suits made from fine fabrics with satin lapels represent a high-level style appropriate for the day. An example is the Givenchy suit with a Slim Fit cut and wide pants. The shiny satin fabric on the lapel enhances its luxury, with broad shoulders to better highlight the physique.

Bold Touches in the Wedding Suit

Many brands have created wedding suit models with a modern and bold character, featuring innovative cuts that make them more contemporary and eye-catching. An example is this suit from Emporio Armani, with striped fabric in the same color for a unique allure and elegance, featuring a distinctive cut with a side button and decorative fringes.

The White Suit for a Beach Wedding

If the wedding is held outdoors during the day, especially on the beach, a white suit is most suitable for this vibrant celebration. Choose a modern, elegant design with a comfortable and simple cut, like this suit from Kbhong. Pair it with a white T-shirt for a slightly less formal vibe.

Buttonless Suits for a Modern Touch

For those who love traditional style with modern touches, some brands have created designs that combine traditional fabrics with contemporary and elegant cuts. This is suitable for men seeking a balance between tradition and modernity. An example is the elegant buttonless suit from Dolce & Gabbana, featuring a satin lapel and adorned with gold accessories that enhance its luxury.

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