Reviving the Pink Blush Trend: Summer Beauty Essentials

The blush trend is making a comeback, bringing bold and eye-catching styles to enhance makeup looks, especially for the summer holidays. Embrace various methods and colors to make blush hues more captivating and achieve stunning facial features.

Here are some steps to apply the pink blush trend for a summer vacation look. Achieve strong and gradual shades on your skin in a striking manner, just like the global celebrities.

Pink Blush with Matte Hues

The pink blush blended with matte hues is an essential beauty trend, as seen on the beautiful Hailey Bieber. She applies light moisturizers on the cheekbones as the first step, then uses a creamy highlighter around the ears before dusting strong pink blush shades below the eyes. Apply this method with gentle massaging to achieve a radiant and powerful cheek look, especially suitable for olive skin tones.

Pink Blush with Shimmering Hues

For a radiant and more attractive summer vacation look, celebrity Zendaya uses strong pink blush shades with a slight shimmer. Apply these colors upward toward the eyes for a luminous appearance.

Apply strong pink blush shades on the upper cheekbones toward the back, gently massaging this area for a shimmering cheek look. Avoid applying blush directly on the nose to prevent an undesirable and distracting look. Pair this makeup with dark, glossy burgundy lipstick for a stunning and unconventional look.

Strong Pink Blush Colors

Among the trending blush colors for summer, choose strong pink shades that highlight the front of the cheekbones, applying this color in two consecutive layers, especially along the eyes. Follow Gigi Hadid's style by applying pink-blush, defining the cheekbones diagonally from below the eyes toward the ears, before defining the jawline for the desired effect.

Light Pink Blush Colors

For a bright look this summer, apply light pink-blush shades to highlight your radiant cheeks. Apply the shades horizontally along the ears, following Kendall Jenner's method. If you have fair skin, use creamy blush that extends easily upward, pulling the color up along the ears and forehead, and applying it over the entire face for a bright makeup look.

Apply this step for a long face, using easy-to-apply creamy products to achieve a clear complexion before intensifying the blush color from the sides of the eyes to eliminate dull skin.

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