Creating the Perfect Couple’s Bedroom: Tips for Harmonious Decor

The couple's bedroom is a private intimate space for the woman and the man to meet and relax. Therefore, achieving harmony in the decor and coordinating all elements of the bedroom design is essential. In this context, “Shiny Eve” provides a collection of helpful tips on how to coordinate the decor of couples' bedrooms perfectly.

Designing the couple's bedroom step by step


To coordinate the decor of the couple's bedroom perfectly, it is important to make good use of the space when distributing the essential furniture pieces. Consider the following ideas:

  1. Avoid bold colors in the bedroom. Instead, prefer neutral colors that never go out of style, with the possibility of adding other colors when you get bored with the decor.
  2. Decorate the walls of the room with soft woodwork, gypsum, and glass to enhance luxury and elegance.
  3. The bed is the main furniture piece in the room. Place the bed directly opposite the door, and it is common to choose a design with an upholstered backrest so that the occupant can rest while sitting or reading.
  4. The dressing table is a shelf mounted on the wall, topped with a mirror that occupies the width and height of the wall it is attached to.
  5. Mirrors are prominently present in the couple's bedroom, as they reflect accessories and lighting in an attractive way.
  6. The floors are covered with porcelain or porcelain that imitates wood.
  7. The carpet is an integral part of the bedroom, with the mentioned item chosen in solid colors and light shades.
  8. Accessories should be carefully selected in a space that should be characterized by tranquility. Therefore, distribute a large wall painting drawn with colors that harmonize with the overall color scheme. Indoor plants should not be absent from the room as they are effective in creating a positive atmosphere.

Types of lighting in the decor

Lighting plays a crucial role in the decor, so it is preferable to distribute multiple sources of lighting. For example, modern side lighting fixtures can hang from the ceiling on the right and left sides of the bed. Additionally, a chandelier can enhance the interior decor, especially in the bedroom, while paying attention not to place the lighting directly above the sleeping area as it may disturb the occupants.

On the other hand, concealed lighting and spotlights can be installed in the ceiling, and the lighting of the mirror attached to the dressing table is also important.

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