Power Dressing: Modern Women’s Suiting Trends From Global Fashion Weeks

On International Women's Day, we've selected for you, ladies, stylish looks inspired by street fashion from global fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, London, and New York. You'll see how modern women coordinate their outfits in a practical and trendy manner. Our choices primarily focus on coordinating women's suits and blazers in various ways to suit your work outfits and important occasions like business dinners or lunch with colleagues, allowing you to shine. Successful women must exude confidence and security, so owning at least one women's suit and applying some styling tricks is important.

Try a Blazer with a Tulle Skirt

Power Dressing: Modern Women's Suiting Trends From Global Fashion Weeks

From New York Fashion Week, we selected this splendid and elegant look by Carolina Herrera, featuring a straight and slim yellow blazer paired with a pastel yellow tulle skirt. The lady also wore high yellow heels, carried a green leather clutch bag, and sported black Cateye sunglasses. This outfit is a fantastic addition for working women on International Women's Day.

Green Cashmere Coat with Polka Dot Black Suit

Power Dressing: Modern Women's Suiting Trends From Global Fashion Weeks

Nothing compares to a midi cashmere coat paired with a black silk suit featuring white polka dots. You can accessorize with minimalist earrings, oval sunglasses adorned with crystal beads, and opt for a low sleek back hairstyle. Don a black pearl necklace to complete the look. This outfit is perfect for a business lunch, leaving a powerful and lively impression because it is modest, classy, and unique.

Rose Print Suit

The bold straight-line rose-print suit stands out due to its precise coordination, especially if you choose bold rose prints as it doesn’t need embellishments or accessories to avoid a cluttered look. Try coordinating it with a black square handbag and monochrome black shoes.

Squared-Cut Tailored Blazer

Emulate the elegant look of TV personality Diala Makki, which suits businesswomen. It includes a squared-cut skirt with a slit adorned with a blazer slightly oversized, nude shoes, and limited Carolina Herrera signature pieces.

Silk Pastel Suit with Cashmere Coat

Don't believe that pastel women's suits lack seriousness or aren't suitable for working women. Choose them in a single color with a matching cashmere coat, nude shoes for a refreshing daytime look. You can coordinate with a high-necked turtleneck blouse if the weather is cool.

Black Blazer with Sequin Dress

If you love metallic motifs, adopt this mysterious and alluring outfit we chose for you from London Fashion Week. It features a sleeveless black sequin dress that flows ankle-length, paired with a striped crepe black blazer, silver stiletto heels with a serrated front. You can accessorize with transparent black chiffon gloves, a medium-sized black square handbag with a handle, and front grip.

Blazer with Bermuda Shorts

For those who love shorts and short pants, a gray wool suit comprising a jacket with bermuda shorts in the same fabric, coordinated with a black necktie and a white shirt. This is an ideal outfit for modern and semi-formal women.

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