How to Create Two Beautiful Hairstyles in Just 5 Minutes

I am sure that, just like us, you have had a good look through Pinterest and other social media sites and seen gorgeous hairstyles that look far too complicated to replicate. Today Mindy, from Cute Girls Hairstyles, is going to show you how to become a pro at creating two seriously stylish hairstyles in just five minutes. At the end of the video you have the added benefit of deciding which style you would like to see reproduced, this time in a one-on-one video. We have only recently discovered Cute Girls Hairstyles, but the way they present their ideas with such clarity means this will not be the last you hear of them from us. With their ever-so-cheery and equally professional way of explaining what you need to do, we are confident you will have these two hairstyles mastered in no time at all.

Feather waterfall braids have always been something we have seen, but never had the courage to ask the best way of going about creating such a lovely finish. It is such a cute hairstyle that looks far more involved and time-consuming to create than is the reality, as you will soon discover to your joy. The ladder braid combo is equally as impressive and a good alternative to the feather waterfall braid. Once again it is a look that belies its simplicity and as with the feather waterfall braid style, a little bit of practice will see you able to do this for your girl or girls whenever they ask. Once you think you have mastered the art, why not be brave and send us your photos via our Facebook page so we can see how well you have done.

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