Florence… Fragrant Monuments, The Magic Of Nature And The Trends Of Modernity

Palaces, bridges and horseshoes coming from the fragrant history, tales of civilizations that crossed from here, rivers and valleys, charming views relaxed, modern art and a meeting place for culture, these are some of the unique mixture that all meets in one city called Florence.

Florence is one of the rare cities that has many elements of tourist attractions in one spot. Besides all the qualities mentioned above, its relative proximity to the Arab region, which makes it an exceptional and suitable option for tourists coming from the Middle East.

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Florence… Fragrant Monuments, The Magic Of Nature And The Trends Of Modernity

Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and its largest city, and besides its wonderful views of the Arno River and the beauty of its rich nature, it gains great importance from its historical heritage, especially in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Florence has always been a center of art and architecture, and for long historical periods it was one of the richest and most valuable cities in Europe was an important center of trade and finance, especially in the Middle Ages.

With the many tourist attractions that join this cultural and architectural legacy, Florence always stands out as a destination for lovers of relaxation in the bosom of nature, just as it attracts those interested in culture and the arts all the time.

charming nature

Florence… Fragrant Monuments, The Magic Of Nature And The Trends Of Modernity

The city’s pivotal view of the Arno River gives it a charming natural setting, and this is not the only feature of Florence’s charm, but there are many natural elements that make it a natural paradise in every sense of the world.

The picturesque location that frames the city bears this charm, as it is in the middle of a wide depression surrounded by hills on every side. On 3 sides, the city is surrounded by mud hills. This division, besides the Arno River, which bisects the city and branches into two valleys, one upper and the other lower, gives this city Irresistible natural charm.

But the Arno is not the only river in Florence. Other small city rivers such as Mugnone, Terzoli and Griffe give this city a rich natural depth.

This charming natural atmosphere and indigenous people give the city the pulse of life, besides the mild climate in many periods of the year, which makes Florence a wonderful choice at many times, and gives its cultural, tourist and social heritage an ideal opportunity to appear.

Palaces and architectural masterpieces

One thing that Florence is most famous for and expresses its aesthetic character is its magnificent palaces, the first of which is the old palace in the Sovereign Square in the city, and it has a museum that includes a bouquet of the best artworks by Adiolo Bronzino, Michelangelo, and Giorgio Vasari.

You can also observe the Medici Riccardi Palace, which has great heritage and political value at the present time, and the Guelva Palace, which hosts many events related to the city’s legacy.

The Bianta Capello Palace is also one of the most important architectural masterpieces in the city and is characterized by wonderful drawings and decorations for the facade designed by Bernardo Buontalento, and it has a story related to Francesco’s first love for Bianca Capello, who named the palace after her.

The Rocellai Palace is also a wonderful example of Florentine fifteenth century architecture, with a wonderful design bearing the signature of Leon Battista Alberti, as well as the Strozzi Palace, which has a sense of the beauty of nature, which is located in the direction of the Arno River, and is considered one of the most important

Architectural Works in Renaissance Florence.

The city is also famous for its various squares, each of which tells a number of historical stories, starting with the Sovereignty Square, passing through Michelangelo Square, in which the general shape of the city is evident, as it embraces the most famous point to see Florence with a charming panoramic scene.

It also highlights Republic Square, which is a meeting point for shops, cafes, and high-end sessions, as well as for walking enthusiasts.

Also, Santo Spirito Square, which is famous for its lively nature and its view of the river, gives it a different luster and increases its activity in embracing the Florentines in particular, as they find in it the ideal meeting place that shows them their city from a very beautiful angle.

Market and cafes

It remains to talk about the famous commercial market in the city, which is an attractive destination for tourists coming to Italy in general.

Florence’s central market is characterized by wonderful buying experiences, as well as cafes, wonderful sessions, and traditional Italian restaurants that offer a range of delicious dishes in the world.

Florence is an integrated experience for the tourist who wants to spend a comprehensive tourist experience with a mixture of civilization, cultural and architectural heritage, and the rich nature that goes into every detail, which is an advantage that is not found much outside this ancient and renewed Italian city at the same time.

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