Eyeshadow colors that match your eye color

There is a basic rule in women’s makeup, which is to choose makeup colors in harmony with the color of the eyes and skin, as there are eye shadows that enhance the beauty of your eyes and highlight their color. There are eye shadows that do not match the color of your eyes. Based on that, follow us in this article, where we monitor the colors of eye shadows that are suitable for the color of your eyes so that the eye makeup you choose is always perfect.

Shadows suitable for black eyes

Most eye shadow colors are in harmony with black eyes, so black-eyed women are very lucky to have a variety of options, especially brown, bronze, gold, green, purple and orange shades.…

Shadows suitable for dark brown eyes

To get radiant looks, use eyeshadows in strong colors, especially pink, light purple, blue, green and violet, besides shiny silver and strong gold…

Shadows for hazel eyes

Eyeshadow colors that match your eye color

If you have hazel eyes, go for eye shadows in metallic, pastel, green, brown, and gold shades. As these colors work to illuminate your eyes and make them bright.

Shadows suitable for brown eyes

Eyeshadow colors that match your eye color

Brown-eyed women are very lucky, because most eyeshadow colors suit them, but neutral colors are more beautiful for them, especially golden-bronze. And always try to mix it with black eye shadow to add liveliness and attractiveness to your looks.

Shadows suitable for green eyes

Green eyes always look bright, so you don't have to go for flashy eyeshadows to get attention. The cool purple is perfect for evening makeup, while the shimmery brown shades are great for daytime makeup.

Shadows suitable for blue eyes

Eyeshadow colors that match your eye color

Eye shadows in vibrant, light and neutral colors suit blue eyes, so stay away from everything harsh, strong and dark colors, and adopt bright, vibrant eye shadows, such as orange, coral, and sparkling gold, as they will enhance the beauty of your eyes and give you a look full of femininity.

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