Diesel Kicks Off Milan Fashion Week 2023 with Provocative Runway Display

Milan Fashion Week opened with a bang as Diesel's runway was adorned with over 200,000 condoms. This was a clear indication of what was to come, with Glenn Martens's latest collection featuring cheeky denim mixed with skin-baring meshed lace. But that's not all, the event itself promises to be sexier than ever before.

The street style this season is hotter and more provocative than ever before. Guests are sporting trench coats, but leaving them open to expose lace separates underneath. They're wearing silky Fendi cargo pants from last season, but are letting them slide off their hip bones instead of wrapping them close to their torsos. And suits, lots of suits, are being worn in a non-corporate way, as if they are about to slink away to sip glass after glass of red wine at a pasta sauce-stained table somewhere in Porta Venezia.

Perhaps everything is just sexier in Milan. The city has a way of bringing out the maximalist Italian excess in everyone. Or maybe it's simply the White Lotus effect. Either way, fashion icons Mia, Lucia, Donatella, and Mrs. Prada would be proud.

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