Diamonds or red sapphire.. Which one do we choose?

Diamonds and rubies (red sapphires) are charming and popular in the jewellery industry. If diamonds fit a classic woman, ruby can be one of the bold women's choices that is not afraid to venture. But, if you like to cut the first jewelry with the diamond stone and the second with the ruby stone, what do you choose? And how?

What is a diamond?

comprising one chemical element, carbon. Diamonds form under very high heat at a depth of 160.93 kilometres below the ground, rising to the surface because of volcanic activity. The name diamonds go back to the Greek word Adamas Adamas, which means invincible. In fact, diamonds are the harshest natural substance on Earth. Nothing can scratch them except another diamond stone.

What about ruby stone?

In the world of gemstones, the ruby is known as the king of gemstones, and belongs to the family of aluminium oxide gemstones. Ruby is one of the most expensive and rare gems around the world. Ruby Ruby is derived from the Latin Ruber, which means red. Ruby can be found in Australia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam and other countries.

Which is more rare?

Ruby stone that can be used in jewellery studs is much rarer than diamonds. Although the metal that enters the ruby, blue sapphire and emerald formula is rare, the color of ruby stone is rare.

What about prices?

As with any cream stone, the ruby price is associated with a range of factors. High-quality ruby weighing over 10 carats is sold at a higher price compared to a diamond stone of the same size. For example, the price per carat of ruby stone has reached over $225,000. The average price of a carat is about $125,000.

Ruby stone is an ideal choice for gifts

Diamonds are considered a “good friend of the girl”, a classic and timeless choice for engagement rings, contracts and earrings. Ruby Stone has special appeal and unique historical significance. Thanks to its bright red colour, Ruby Stone has always been favored by those in positions of power. Many cultures have also regarded Ruby Stone as a symbol of protection, beauty and wisdom, and Ruby Stone is also known to be presented as festive gifts on important occasions. Therefore, experts in the world of jewellery advise him to gift it on occasions such as Valentines and weddings.

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