5 Places You’ve Never Thought To Use Highlighter On

In our constant quest for radiant skin, we’ve decided that stressing our cheekbones isn’t enough on the days when we want to look more radiant. We had a great time with our extensive highlighter kit and discovered a few unwanted places to give them extra shine. Before that, look for the four points that can up your highlighter game and give your face a major glow.

The best areas to apply are highlighted

5 Places You've Never Thought To Use Highlighter On

All-round glow

Young woman in a white evening dress on a light green background with bright pink makeup holding a blush brush

For an all-over glow, be sure to prep your skin with a dewy primer, I.e., mix primer and highlighter. It’s a natural way to boost your radiance before applying foundation. Apply the product to your face with your fingers or a brush.

top of the forehead

Highlighting the top of your forehead is said to make the face look flat, and this is wrong because it brightens your entire complexion. The application in this area should be very transparent and look natural. One of my favorite techniques is to mix some liquid highlighter with your foundation and press it down with a makeup sponge.

under the brow bone

Although you may not sleep eight hours a day, putting some highlighter under the brow bone and above the arch will give your eyes the appearance of rest and wide. Focusing the highlighter around your eyebrows can give the look of a little lift and lift.

eyelid center

Whether you like smoky makeup or prefer a neutral look, the eyelid is an undesirable place to highlight, but it can make all the difference if you use this trick: We recommend using a flat brush to fill in highlighter in the center of the eyelid and in the inner corner of the eye.

cupid’s bow

The “V” of Cupid’s bow is a great place to place the highlighter. It gives the lips a prominent and full volume. Apply it with your finger.

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