5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Mascara

Eye makeup drawings do not highlight their beauty and special charm, except by passing the thick layers of mascara and pulling to the top. This step will make your eyes more attractive, no matter what shades and gradations you choose, whether they are strong or soft. Therefore, the step of applying mascara requires a lot of accuracy and perfection, taking care to avoid many mistakes by using mascara in the wrong way or applying many steps that may cause damage to your eyes. Avoid them and master the application of eye shadow layers using easy-to-apply methods at home, to avoid common mistakes as much as possible.

Avoid using old mascara

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Mascara

We often resort to applying old, long-lasting mascara in our bags. These products stay long and last for several months before they dry out. Therefore, we use it without paying attention to its expiration date, which may cause health damage to our eyes and eyelashes. If you suffer from problems such as redness of the eyes or any other infections, it is necessary to get rid of the old eye shadow and replace it with a new container and be sure not to use it for over 6 months to avoid this type of problem.

Never share mascara with someone else

Often you put makeup drawings on your eyes and neglect to pass the layers of mascara over your eyes. Whatever the reasons, do not resort to using the eye shadow of your friend or anyone else, because this product is the most susceptible to bacteria and viruses, and you may expose your eyes and eyelids to skin infections you need. Sharing your makeup with another person is one of the common mistakes that you must avoid to keep your eyes healthy.

Not inserting and removing mascara multiple times

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying Mascara

Of course, eyelashes need multiple layers of mascara in order to show the clouds of your eyes and their beauty with a lot of attractiveness. To apply this step, insert the eye shadow and take it out of the package several times, which exposes the product to the air and moisturizes it. Apply this step only once and drag the brush on the eyelashes in multiple layers and pull it upwards to get the desired result.

Applying lumpy mascara the wrong way

When applying mascara layers, we used to use it on the eyelashes, because the brush holds a large amount of this product, which gives the eyelashes a lumpy appearance. Therefore, it is necessary before any layer of brush cleaning passes at the opening of the package to get rid of excess eye shadow that hinders the shine of the makeup drawings on your eyes.

Do not remove mascara before bed

Many days, we go to sleep without removing layers of mascara or even washing our face with liquid lotion. To maintain your eyes and their aesthetic health, it is necessary to remove any trace of eye shadow from your eyes before going to sleep. Clean your eyes well and take great care of the eyelashes by passing a cotton ball of toner from the top to the bottom over the entire eyelashes softly and without much pressure on the eyes in order to preserve the healthy hairs and to get on the second day bright eye drawings while passing the makeup in a clean way.

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