4 Ways to Change the Shape of Your Nose

When women are asked what they don’t like about their faces, many of them say that what they hate the most is their noses. Sometimes it’s the size, or sometimes the shape, but it’s undeniable that many people wish their noses were different. If you can’t learn to accept your nose as it is, there are many options for making it look a different size or shape. Surgery is the obvious choice if you want to change your nose, but there are other methods you can use. This includes losing weight, doing facial exercises, and using makeup to define and stress your face.

How to change the reduction of the nose in several ways

4 Ways to Change the Shape of Your Nose


Many women undergo surgery on their nose, or rhinoplasty, to change the way their nose looks. Although this is a big step, women who have the surgery feel happy so. Through surgery, you can get the nose you want, and you can keep it forever. A professional surgeon can talk with you during the procedure and help you decide if this is what you want to do. It’s a big decision, so take your time to think.

4 Ways to Change the Shape of Your Nose

Weight loss

One thing that can contribute to the shape and size of your nose and face is your weight. It’s not just about your nose, it’s about the rest of your face as well. Losing weight can give you a slimmer face and a smaller nose if you have some extra pounds. Burning fat is a good start, but you also need to keep your face and nose in proportion as well. You can try some of the facial exercises below to help tone your skin and muscles while losing weight.

4 Ways to Change the Shape of Your Nose

face exercises

Doing small facial exercises can help you coordinate your face and nose. Some people think certain exercises can change the shape of your nose, and there are many exercises for different purposes. For example, you can try straightening your nose by smiling and trying to push your nose down while placing the muscles around and around it. You can also try to shape your nose by placing your two index fingers on either side of the meaty part of your nose and opening your nose to tighten the surrounding muscles.

Contouring and shaping

The last way to shape the nose is to use makeup to add features to your face. With makeup, you can create a temporary way to change your nose, and you can go back to your natural nose. Use contouring powder to add a foundation for your desired nose shape before adding your regular makeup. It will shape the contours of your nose and face, giving you a smaller nose that is different, but not always.

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