Unbelievable 2-Year-Old boy Swims Like a Dolphin

So most of you will now read this to find out what a merboy is. Well, remember we ran an article on baby mermaids, which we called merbabies? Do you know what a mermaid is? Well then, you will now understand what a merboy is. And if you aren’t sure such a thing exists, we suggest you watch this incredible video of Brahman ‘performing’ in a pool as we have never seen a two-year-old boy before, or a girl. This boy is fantastic and has taken to the water like he lived in it and had done so all his brief life. He shows no fear, no worries, and seems to just love swimming around as though every kid could do it, as though nothing was unusual. However, we think this young boy is very unusual and we want you to see why.

That swimming pool definitely isn’t shallow, yet swimming to the bottom seems to be absolutely no problem for young Brahman. We do realize this is a yard pool and not a local communal pool, so it is not massive, but there again nor is Brahman. He seems quite confident and comfortable knowing he can climb out any time he wants, even if it just to get thrown back in by his dad! We couldn’t believe it when we saw that, but Brahmans seemed none the worse for his exploits and were just as happy to carry on as though nothing had happened. This young boy is definitely one of a kind and if we didn’t know better, we would expect to see scales on his legs and his feet turning into fins! Brahman the merboy has a certain ring to it…

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