Glamour on the Red Carpet: Cannes Film Festival 2024 Beauty Highlights

Soft and simple makeup dominated the majority of the celebrities' looks on the eleventh day of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. The looks ranged from light makeup to soft smokey eyes, complemented by hairstyles such as wavy hair and buns.

Some of the world's most prominent stars graced the red carpet at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, including Helen Mirren, who stood out with her elegant purple outfit and fresh, subtle makeup.

From “Shiny Eve,” we highlight the most notable beauty looks from the eleventh day of the Cannes Film Festival.

#1: Helen Mirren with Soft Makeup and Wet Hair Style

Helen Mirren made a striking appearance on the red carpet on the eleventh day of the Cannes Film Festival. She wore an elegant off-shoulder purple gown, paired with soft and subtle makeup, featuring mascara, a hint of pink eyeshadow, light pink blush on her cheeks, and a soft pink lipstick. Her natural white bob was styled back in a wet hair look.

#2: Andie MacDowell with Soft Smokey Makeup and Wavy Hair

Actress Andie MacDowell also attended the Cannes Film Festival for the first time this year, wearing a sequined silver and gold gown. She opted for soft smokey eye makeup that suited her hooded eyes, with a touch of silver eyeshadow on the inner corners of her eyes and light mascara. She chose a soft pink lipstick that matched her simple complexion makeup and styled her hair in loose waves with natural silver highlights.

#3: Taís Araújo with Glittery Silver Makeup and a Sleek Bun

Actress Taís Araújo turned heads with her elegant presence on the red carpet, wearing a white outfit that complemented her brown skin. She chose bronzed makeup with glittery silver eyeshadow across her entire eyelid, paired with prominent mascara to elongate her lashes. Her complexion looked velvety with bronzed blush and light brown lipstick. Her sleek bun hairstyle accentuated her facial features beautifully.

#4: Leonie Hanne with Soft Makeup and a Medium Bun

Leonie Hanne stood out with her soft look among the stars on the eleventh day of the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. She wore a chic black and white outfit, paired with minimal makeup that highlighted her European features. She used a little mascara and soft eyeliner, with natural complexion makeup and prominent pink blush on her cheeks. Her medium bun hairstyle, with wavy side bangs, added to her delicate appearance.

#5: Valeria Pavelin with Prominent Smokey Makeup and Wavy Hair

Valeria Pavelin drew attention with her pink embroidered dress on the red carpet. She matched it with smokey eye makeup featuring prominent eyeshadow and a hint of pink shadow on her eyelids, along with thick mascara for her lashes. Her makeup complemented her fair skin and pink blush on her cheeks, as well as soft pink lipstick. Her wavy hairstyle, with a side parting, enhanced her beauty.

#6: Alicia Rose Breuer with Attractive Earthy Smokey Makeup and Wavy Hair

Alicia Rose Breuer dazzled with her bronzed beauty look. She opted for smokey makeup in earthy tones that highlighted her features, with black smokey eyeshadow on her eyelids and winged earthy tones on her fixed eyelids, enhancing the shape of her eyes. The black eyeliner on her lower lash line added allure, paired with burgundy lipstick. Her wavy hairstyle with a raised side part completed her captivating look.

#7: Coco Rocha with Glittery Makeup and Butterfly Knot Hairstyle

Supermodel Coco Rocha was the star of the eleventh day of the 77th Cannes Film Festival. She captivated with her sophisticated presence and white floral outfit, paired with glittery makeup featuring subtle green glitter eyeshadow, elongated mascara, and winged eyeliner, making her eyes shine. She wore soft pink lipstick and styled her hair in a sleek bun with a butterfly knot, adding to her striking appearance.

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