Modern design ideas for indoor stairs

The function of the inner ladder is not only to connect the layers of the house to each other but also to add aesthetic and luxury to the space where it is dissolved, noting that the space determines the shape of the stairs and the materials involved in making it. In this context, he presents “madam. NT “Highlights tips for designing modern interior stairs and ways to exploit the space below them.

Modern staircase decorations

Internal stairs form a link between spaces; To enhance the aesthetic of the staircase, the wall’s cladding behind it is pleased with materials such as stone (or wood or wallpaper) to distinguish it from other walls.

The Modernized staircase is provided with glass-stacked fudges, but it must be borne in mind that glass may cause slip if exposed to water.

If the stairs are open in industrial-style spaces, it carries iron bars as netting iron or threads.

3 ideas for decoration to exploit the space below the ladder

#1 If the space below the staircase is spacious, don’t mind designing a session with a table and a small wood (or bamboo) chair, with the back side of the staircase cladding the roof of the session with mirrors, and decorating the space with a floor-based “bower” and heritage carpet.

#2 If the internal ladder is a central point of decoration, the TV library can be dissolved into a vacuum, especially if this ladder is modern or designed according to the “minimalist” or industrial style.

#3 The space under the ladder can be allocated to design a guest bathroom, decorated in a way that combines aesthetic and process.

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