Modern and Different Girls’ Bedroom Decorations

Girls’ bedrooms have a special character and distinctive decorations filled with elegant drawings that express the extent of the tenderness of the female or the girl, besides the multiplicity of colors and shades of the decorations; which should express the personality of its owner and be cheerful and cheerful; The decorations of these rooms must be chosen from the colors of the walls and floors, and through each piece of furniture very well to suit the personality of each girl.

girls’ bedrooms are dominated by pink or fuchsia, because of the tenderness, calmness, and charm that these colors express, as they are all characteristics that characterize the female.

#1 bed

Modern and Different Girls’ Bedroom Decorations

Girls’ bedrooms are bold in design, so stay away from traditional designs and use modern designs such as hanging beds; If the space of the room is small, and you have over one girl, you can choose a two-story bed in order to save space; It also comes with grand designs, and through it you can well use the rest of the room space; Swing-shaped chairs can also be used, as they give a different and modern look to the room.

#2 Wardrobe

Modern and Different Girls’ Bedroom Decorations

Clothes are an integral part of every girl’s personality; The wardrobe is the most important thing to consider when designing bedrooms for girls; If the room is narrow and you have an untapped column in the room, you can take advantage of the space between it and the wall to design a small dressing room that eliminates the need for a large wardrobe in the room, and you will make the room more aristocratic, through the use of wooden shelves designed in the column, but without doors in a modern form ideal.

With spacious rooms, the wardrobe corner is an independent space. It contains open wardrobes and is devoid of shelves or shelves. It often has a vertical mirror in order to show the whole look to each girl.

#3 place of study

Modern and Different Girls’ Bedroom Decorations

If the room is narrow, a small part of the room’s decor can be used for the study. A small study table can be placed on it, with the upper part of it provided with several shelves to keep books and school supplies.

If the room is spacious, it must have a large desk, besides a separate library that includes many shelves and drawers.

#4 color

Choose bold colors that add vitality and elegance to the room; While retaining sophistication and flair; Therefore, colors can be chosen in a smart and modern way, to use neutral colors for walls and furniture, such as white and gray, and combine them with earthy colors, which would reflect and show the colors mixed with them; With introducing bold and stark colors, according to each girl’s personality and taste, but in accessories such as paintings, carpets, curtains, and furnishings.

#5 light

It is preferable to distribute dim lighting next to the bed, for calm and comfort; While prefers strong lighting on the make-up table and study corner; it is preferable to put their tables under the window to rely on natural lighting, which helps focus.

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