Kim Kardashian Unveils Dramatic New Haircut – A Chin-Length Bob

Kim Kardashian has displayed a variety of short haircuts throughout the years, including angular bobs and shoulder-skimming cuts. Yet, her latest chop seems to take the cake in terms of brevity.

Kim Kardashian

On her Instagram Story last Thursday, the makeup mogul unveiled her chin-length bob haircut, delighting her followers with a series of videos showcasing her fresh ‘do. In the first clip, Kim looked stunning in a black SKIMs tube top and matching sweatpants, capturing a mirror selfie that revealed her newly trimmed brunette locks. Subsequently, she treated her audience to more selfie videos, relaxed in bed, wrapped in a black robe, with her tousled hair stylishly falling to one side.

Addressing her whopping 362 million Instagram followers, Kim exclaimed, “I want to show you guys my new hair,” playfully throwing up a peace sign and puckering her lips at the camera.

Kim's shorter style bears resemblance to Kourtney Kardashian‘s sleek bob, though we hope it doesn't ignite any fresh sibling drama. Not long ago, the two found themselves embroiled in a heated feud after Kourtney accused Kim of prioritizing money over family by imitating her wedding and “la dolce vita lifestyle” through a business deal.

During a memorable episode of The Kardashians, Kim fired back in her confessional, stating, “You stole my fucking wedding country and my wedding performer. My favourite male singer of all time is Andrea Bocelli, yet I'm imitating her pursuit of the la dolce vita? Okay.”

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