How to Rock Purple Makeup This Summer

Purple makeup designs are making a comeback as one of the most attractive beauty trends, especially when applied in modern ways. Many shades have shone with stunning beauty, with the most beautiful purple shadows making your makeup more radiant.

Here are several captivating styles to apply bright purple makeup designs, making bright colors a staple in your upcoming summer looks.

Shimmering Purple Makeup Designs

How to Rock Purple Makeup This Summer

Achieve an exceptional look by applying smoky eye makeup with shimmering purple shades and glitter. Blend the gradient shadows with other hues for added allure. Follow the style of The Blonds by merging these shadows with colorful, creamy ones.

Apply the enchanting shadows on the upper eyelids and the inner corners of the eyes, illuminating them with dazzling green shimmer, without blending it with the purple shadows for a unique beauty. Intensify the layers of black mascara pulled upwards. Keep a strong pink blush, and give your eyes more allure with bold lipstick colors.

Matte Purple Makeup Designs

How to Rock Purple Makeup This Summer

Apply colored eye makeup with matte purple and smoky shadows across the entire upper eyelids. Draw inspiration from Julien Fournie with thick layers of matte purple hues extended across the upper lids, and make the lines winged with thin black strokes to give a soft, unconventional look.

Sparkling Purple Makeup Designs

One of the most striking beauty trends for your upcoming looks is choosing shimmering purple shadows that enhance the size of your eyes. Apply these shadows in an extended manner on the upper lids, reaching the brow line. With this smoky makeup, use a highlighter around the eyes with precision, then illuminate the inner corners with vibrant purple for a bright, striking effect. On the lower eyelids, draw pink lines extending outward in a connected, winged manner.

This trend enhances eye size and is best paired with fair skin and glossy nude lips, focusing all attention on the eyes for a fresh, lively look.

Thin Purple Lines

One of the most captivating beauty trends for summer is the most beautiful bright, sparkling nude makeup designs applied on the upper eyelids with matte, geometric black lines, while keeping the skin unified and makeup-free.

With this makeup, apply thin purple lines on the lower eyelids, starting with a strong color on the outer corners of the eyes, gradually lightening towards the inner corners. Don't hesitate to add layers of black mascara for a radiant effect, along with glossy nude lipstick, making your makeup stand out.

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