How to Add Volume to Fine Hair for Your Best Hair Days

Every person's hair is unique, but there are common hair concerns that many of us face, such as fine, limp hair. To help you achieve voluminous locks that last all day, we spoke with two cut professionals. Global color ambassador for Moroccanoil, Greg Gilmore, and Jennifer Dubois, owner of Miyosiwin Salon Spa in Regina, shared their best tips and tricks.

How to Add Volume to Fine Hair for Your Best Hair Days

According to Gilmore, fine cut needs something to cling to in order to achieve volume. To create a good base, start with a volumizing shampoo in the shower, followed by a traditional conditioner to help reduce frizz and tangles. For those with superfine cut, Dubois suggests using a lightweight leave-in conditioning mist, applied first to the ends before working your way up.

How to Add Volume to Fine Hair for Your Best Hair Days

When styling, start with a thermal protectant before layering in a product with hold. Dubois recommends using a volumizing mousse and a two-in-one dryer brush to create amazing volume. She notes that the elevation of the brush is crucial: “At the crown, you want to pull the brush straight up, pushing the hair forward.”

To create voluminous curls that last, Gilmore suggests using a curling iron with extra-hold hairspray. “Spray a little bit on each section before you curl it; then allow the section to sit there or pin it up,” he says. “And don't touch it until you're ready to comb out the whole style.” However, it's important to use a hot tool set below 400°F to avoid closing the cuticle and making the hair sleeker and smoother, which can make it difficult for fine cut to hold curls against gravity.

By following these expert tips, you can boost your fine hair's volume and achieve your best cut days yet.

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