Emma Stone’s Stunning Hair Transformation: The Cool Girl Bob Takes Center Stage

Emma Stone has recently undergone a significant hair transformation, with her longtime stylist Mara Roszak revealing the details on Instagram. After going bleach blonde a few weeks ago, Stone decided to go for a fresh and healthy post-bleach cut, resulting in a four-inch chop. Roszak described the new style as a “cool girl bob” that falls just below her shoulders to chin length. The haircut was done with a slight angle, with the front pieces slightly longer than the rest to create subtle dimension.

Emma Stone's Stunning Hair Transformation: The Cool Girl Bob Takes Center Stage

According to Roszak, she and Stone had been discussing this change for some time before finally deciding to make it happen. The debut of Stone's new look was met with excitement from fans who were eager to recreate the style themselves.

To achieve the sleek and effortless look of this bob, Roszak used products from her own line. She started by washing Stone's hair with RŌZ Foundation Shampoo and Conditioner, followed by applying two pumps of RŌZ Milk Hair Serum on towel-dried hair from root to end. Using a blow dryer, she created loose waves while maintaining the natural flow of the new haircut. To add shine and smoothness, Roszak applied RŌZ Santa Lucia Styling Oil as a finishing touch along with one pump of MILK Hair Serum for de-puffing.

Roszak's team recommends this combination of products not only for holding style but also for providing hydration and nourishment specifically needed after bleaching hair.

Overall, Emma Stone's chic bob haircut has received positive attention due to its versatility and effortless appeal.

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