Emily Ratajkowski Nails Princess Diana’s Timeless Off-Duty Look

Amongst all the unforgettable fashion moments of Princess Diana (her elegant Emanuel ivory taffeta wedding gown and the iconic little black dress she wore on the night Prince Charles publicly admitted his infidelity), it is her off-duty royal style that continues to captivate and inspire people to this day.

Emily Ratajkowski Nails Princess Diana's Timeless Off-Duty Look

A perfect example is when Emily Ratajkowski paid homage to Lady Di's most recognizable street style look while casually strolling in New York City with a friend. Donning a pair of sleek black bike shorts, an oversized blue Reebok sweatshirt, and white sneakers, Emily's ensemble closely resembled the famous Virgin Atlantic sweater and shorts combo that Diana first donned in 1995, leaving a lasting impression on fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

All that was left to complete the look were the high tube socks, a signature touch by the late princess.

Emulating Princess Diana, Emily complemented her athleisure outfit with black sunglasses and a stylish bag slung over one shoulder. Opting for a natural and minimal makeup look, her newly-dyed auburn hair cascaded down straight with a middle part and wispy fringe.

But Emily's fashion showcase didn't stop there. A few days earlier, the model was seen walking her dog in micro denim shorts that were daringly short, with the pockets peeking out from underneath. Paired with a simple black tank top, the same white sneakers as before, gold hoop earrings, and trendy square-shaped shades, she effortlessly embraced the sizzling hot pants trend.

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