Elevate Your Summer Wardrobe: Wide-Leg Trousers Edition

Comfort has become a priority for many women, especially in the summer season, so it's no surprise that they're rushing to buy loose-fitting trousers with flowing cuts and lightweight fabrics in previous seasons. They rebelled against Wide-Leg jeans, opting instead for styles that provide comfort without sacrificing the elegance they aspire to.

The growing interest in practical clothing has led major fashion houses to create a variety of designs of wide-leg trousers, making them a staple in summer wardrobes. This year, designers have paid particular attention to white trousers, as well as metallic-colored models suitable for evening wear. Printed trousers, especially those with vertical stripes, have also made a mark in the fashion scene.

Here, we wanted to showcase the most beautiful wide-leg trouser designs presented by global fashion houses in their ready-to-wear collections for summer 2024, and share secrets for coordinating them with clothes and accessories for distinctive looks.

Coordinating Wide-Leg Trousers with a Short Skirt

Elevate Your Summer Wardrobe: Wide-Leg Trousers Edition

The spring and summer 2024 collections introduced many strange trends, but we loved some of them, including coordinating wide-leg trousers with what resembles a short skirt. We spotted this style at Alexis Mabille, where the model dazzled in black flared trousers with a short black skirt at the back, paired with a plain white shirt. This look was completed with a wide belt in the same color as the trousers, black pointed heels, and a shoulder bag in red or burgundy.

Coordinating Wide-Leg Trousers with a White Shirt

Elevate Your Summer Wardrobe: Wide-Leg Trousers Edition

The trend of adopting a monochromatic color scheme for the entire outfit continues to dominate the scene, as it is one of the elegant and beloved styles for many, especially if composed of neutral or earthy tones, providing the wearer with added height. Don't hesitate to coordinate high-waisted white wide-leg trousers with a white shirt reminiscent of Dior, complete your elegance with a white belt, wear tan-colored sandals close to nude, carry a padded bag in the same color, and wear yellow gold jewelry.

Printed Trousers with a Matching Shirt

Elevate Your Summer Wardrobe: Wide-Leg Trousers Edition

Summer calls for playful looks filled with vibrant colors, so add wide-leg trousers adorned with colorful prints to your wardrobe this season. Choose them in soft pastel colors and coordinate them, like the Dennis Basso model, with a plain white top. Layer a long shirt in the same color and print as the trousers over it, enhance the look with white accessories, wear white sandals, and opt for a bag in blue available in the trousers' pattern.

Mixing Wide-Leg Trousers with a Short Sweater

You won't be able to do without trendy clothes in summer 2024. Try coordinating wide-leg gray trousers embellished with stripes on the sides with a short V-neck sleeveless sweater, à la Dries Van Noten model, wear black loafers, carry a plain black or mustard yellow shoulder bag matching the top's neckline.

Try Metallic Trousers with a Denim Top

Metallic colors have maintained their presence on ready-to-wear fashion runways, and we were drawn to the wide-leg golden trousers worn by a Ralph Lauren model, coordinating them with a denim top distinguished by its wrap-around cut and golden embroidery. Accentuate it with a wide belt to define the waist area, use gold accessories and shoes to enrich your look, combining evening style with casual wear.

Why not choose Striped Trousers with a Patterned Shirt?

This season, dare to coordinate wide-leg trousers adorned with vertical stripes with a blue shirt featuring white drawings and a plain white top. Decorate your waist with a purple belt à la Roka model. This look suits plain white sandals and a bucket bag in the same color as the shoes.

Pair Wide-Leg Trousers with a Short Blazer

The wide-leg trousers' cut allows you to wear short pieces with them without compromising your modest style, so we recommend coordinating earthy-colored trousers embellished with pleats at the waist with a top and a short blazer in the same color. Choose the blazer with the trendy cape cut to achieve a royal look reminiscent of the Genny model, then complete your elegance with gold sandals, belt, and bag.

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