Bride Jewellery 2022 in Floral and Butterfly Forms

Flowers have always been the face of the name that accompanies our joys and brides. And what is more beautiful to choose elegant formulas for your day of joy is decorated with flowers and butterflies of diamonds that increase your joy and beauty.

Glittering Garden

Botanics inspired the Blue Book 2022 collection of high-end jewellery from Tiffany & Co. The collection, named “Botanica” Botanica included luxury creations depicting flowers with the finest gems.

From the Botanica collection of Tiffany & Co, a platinum ring mediated by a diamond weighing over 6 earrings, which is convertible, a diamond-encrusted platinum necklace, and a diamond-encrusted platinum bracelet.

From the high-end jewelry collection “Collection No.5” 5 from Chanel Fine Juliri CHANEL Fine Jewelry, diamond encrusted ring, diamond encrusted earrings.

From the high-end jewelry collection “Magnifica” Magnifica from “Bulgari” Bulgari, a wide diamond-encrusted bracelet.

Precious Butterflies

From Poodles Boodles held a peony of platinum studded with about 21.13 carats of white diamonds and about 1.23 carats of pink diamonds.

From Red Carpet Collection's high-end jewellery collection, Chopard is a white moral gold brooch studded with 36.55 carats of diamonds in heart pieces, and about 4.05 diamonds in marquise and diamond pieces in glitter pieces.

New Maharajahs of Boucheron. New Maharani white gold necklace, studded with 4.08 carat diamond, plus diamond and rock crystal. It can be decorated with multiple styles, the “New Maharani” ring of white gold encrusted with diamonds and rock crystal, and the “New Maharani” earrings of white gold encrusted with diamonds and rock crystal.

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