Barbara Corcoran Embraces Her Inner Barbie in Fun Instagram Video

Barbara Corcoran, at 74, is embracing her inner Barbie in a delightful new Instagram post she shared on Friday. The Shark Tank investor brings the iconic doll to life as she playfully mouths “Hi Barbie” to the trendy sound from the recently released movie.

In the fun video, Barbara showcases various shades of pink while standing in different areas of her house. She starts in a pale pink and white tweed dress, then transitions to a more casual hot pink flowy minidress. Next, she waves from her kitchen, wearing a light pink checkered button-up and apron while cooking. The scene switches to her relaxing in a silky pink robe, with a pink curler in her hair as she lies in the bathtub.

Barbara Corcoran Embraces Her Inner Barbie in Fun Instagram Video

The highlight of the video features Barbara donning a long pink gown adorned with feather embellishments and wearing a (pink) sleeping mask while lying in bed, playfully saying, “Bye Barbie!”

Her caption for the post reads, “Who me?! Hi Barbie! ????????????????,” adding an extra touch of Barbie-inspired charm.

Fans of the multi-talented entrepreneur flooded the comments section with love for her looks. One wrote, “My favorite Barbie of all time ????????????,” while another added, “???????????? pretty in pink.”

Barbara's playful spirit isn't new; she has previously recreated famous looks, as seen in May when she took inspiration from Martha Stewart's steamy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit spread. In a humorous twist, she shared images of herself donning a V-neck white one-piece bathing suit with what seemed to be an orange satin fabric draped around her shoulders like a makeshift shawl. She humorously admitted, “I can't cook, but I sure can swim. @si_swimsuit @marthastewart48.”

From business mogul to style chameleon, Barbara Corcoran continues to bring joy and creativity to her ever-growing audience on social media. ????????????

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