7 Stunning Low and High Ponytail Hairstyles for Summer

Low and high ponytail hairstyles are highlighted with all their details and are considered essential styles for the summer season, especially as these updos ensure comfort and suitability for hot weather, especially during daytime hours.

Draw inspiration from the looks of international celebrities and discover the most beautiful and innovative ideas that allow you to apply low or high ponytail hairstyles with a lively style and varied details. Choose the ones that you like.

Low and long ponytail hairstyles

7 Stunning Low and High Ponytail Hairstyles for Summer

If you have long and thick hair, shine like Selena Gomez with high ponytail hairstyles by pulling the strands back without leaving any front strands to maintain your captivating face shape.

With this hairstyle, make sure to secure the strands and pull the hair back with femininity and simplicity, highlighting the wide wavy hair below the back for an attractive aesthetic look.

Low and soft ponytail hairstyles

7 Stunning Low and High Ponytail Hairstyles for Summer

Among the most beautiful hairstyles for long hair suitable for summer, take inspiration from Sofia Vergara‘s low ponytail models that emphasize long hair with wide and wavy strands that help pull the hair back attractively.

All you have to do is pull the hair back gradually and make the strands look more appealing, leaving the layered hair on the back while pulling the middle part on the sides. Additionally, style the hair in a trendy way to achieve a radiant and beautiful look.

Low and short ponytail hairstyles

7 Stunning Low and High Ponytail Hairstyles for Summer

For short ponytail hairstyles, shine with inspiration from Victoria Beckham, with low strands cascading over the shoulders, starting with wide strands that become thinner at the bottom. Get a vibrant and unconventional look by making the strands fall to the side and covering the forehead, while comfortably pulling the hair back.

Low and knotted ponytail hairstyles

7 Stunning Low and High Ponytail Hairstyles for Summer

Don't let go of choosing prominent ponytail hairstyles with a youthful style and knotted strands in a low and natural way during the summer. This hairstyle gives you a youthful and trendy look at the same time. Apply it with inspiration from Miranda Kerr, pulling the wet strands on the sides of the hair, in addition to the long middle part that stands out.

This hairstyle doesn't require much time to apply, and in a few minutes, you can achieve a dazzling look that highlights your features in a simple and bright style, ensuring a charming aesthetic look.

High and wavy ponytail hairstyles

High ponytail hairstyles are considered one of the most popular hairstyles among international celebrities because they never go out of style regardless of the luxurious and elegant outfits they choose. So, apply it this year in Eva Longoria‘s style by pulling the strands up in an interconnected and tight manner, with wet strands on the temple sides. Apply this hairstyle and let the wavy and graded ponytail cascade over the back in a youthful manner, being captivating and refreshed with your choices.

High ponytail hairstyles with front braid

Also, adopt Penelope Cruz‘s style by applying high ponytail hairstyles in a youthful way with a short and graded front braid that covers part of the forehead in a captivating and distinctive way.

Apply this hairstyle gradually on the back to achieve a radiant aesthetic look that makes you more attractive. Simply pull the hair up and let it fall on the forehead, while pulling the strands back to make them look denser. Make sure not to hide the ears, but rather style the hair pulled on the sides in a trendy way.

Tied hairstyles with high ponytail

Among the prominent tied hairstyles that never go out of fashion are the high ponytail models from the front of the scalp with a bun style. Before letting the strands fall on the back and shoulders, tie the hair from the top in a cake-like style.

Apply this hairstyle with a graded side braid that falls on the sides in Kylie Jenner‘s style, and make sure to pull the wet strands in a wrapped and trendy way, completely tied back with femininity and simplicity, highlighting the wide.

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