5 Wood-centred home decorations invite you to dream

When we think of the word “wood”, we associate it with the concept of simplicity, and we might think that homes with wood elements are in mountain addresses. However, mastery of wood is one of the most vertical arts and is often a tradition transmitted by generations of artisans and specialized manufacturers. The most beautiful homes in which wood stars are everywhere, from the tropics to the big cities… Here are some examples.

1. Chalet Machapuchare in Val Desire

5 Wood-centred home decorations invite you to dream

This amazing chalet is a special private home in the French ski town of Val Desert. Throughout the chalet, the décor look reflects high-end finishes and a top level of craftsmanship. In the open sitting room, wooden floors, a neutral colour palette, and double-height ceilings are convex designed and decorated with wooden props and rural and contemporary decorative touches on leather sofas. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.

2. Shkrub House in Ukraine by Sergey Makhno Architects

5 Wood-centred home decorations invite you to dream

In the spacious formal sitting room, a huge L-shaped sofa alongside a wooden coffee table is adorned with touches of Japanese decor. The spirit’s rustic wooden ceiling hangs from large exotic lamps that mimic the aesthetic design of the clay stove. Shelves covering an entire wall embrace an extensive collection of ceramic and clay decorative pieces.

3. Home back to the middle of the last century in Melbourne, designed by architect John Hipwell

5 Wood-centred home decorations invite you to dream

This home from the 1960s is in the North Wardite neighbourhood of Melbourne, Australia (located 25 km northeast of the city centre and its mall). Combining modernism with breathtaking landscapes, the house is on a large estate within a wild, tree-packed area just 100 metres from the banks of the Yarra River. The focus of this remarkable project is the seating space that oversees the Wardite State Park, the Yarra River and the Dandenong mountain ranges behind it.

4. Wooden cottage by Jean Stoffer

What was in the past a mess and a ruin today has become an ideal sanctuary as a charming wooden cottage at a beautiful lake. Its warm modern lights and furnishings strike a balance consistent with the basic wooden structure.

5. Luxury home in the Indian city of Ahmedabad with decor by Ni Dukaan

In Ahmedabad, the Design Ni Dukan studio designed a family apartment under the traditional principles of the Fasto system, with an abundance of compact teak furnishings, decorations and uniform textiles. The project designer says: “Customers wanted a space that reflected their simple and inclusive way of living. They were open to the idea of experimenting with new formulations of natural materials but were keen to incorporate the traditional principles of the Fasto system into each element of the 280-square metre apartment. “

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