14 of the Best Bathroom Design Ideas

We noticed that there had been little available online to provide inspiration for improving the look of a bathroom. We couldn’t work out why because your bathroom is just as important a room in your home as any, if not more so. It is a room where you escape to relax in, where you go to make yourself look beautiful, where you got to freshen up; so why not add some style, some class, something individual or quirky to it? Bathrooms aren’t always about clinical white, matching elements and symmetry throughout. They are about making your mark, making a statement, and being an individual just as much as you do with your kitchen or bedroom.

We would never have thought of putting a bicycle in a bathroom, but when we showed the bicycle washbasin to a few cycling friends, they loved it! The goldfish bowl is such an imaginative idea and we couldn’t help wondering how the fish would react every time the tap was turned on. The circular white washbasin with the patterned base had us all bemused as to us it looks like it was suspended in thin air–brilliant but very spooky too! Though the moss rug was interesting, it seemed impractical, but because we all don’t have the money to install a hammock bath, it was nice to see the ship shower curtain. This is something that would transform your bath or shower room, and not break the bank at the same time.

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