Pretty Pink Nail Art Design by Cute Polish

We’re all a bit pushed for time and so the last thing we need is to watch a half-hour-long video on how to do our nails. Well we think we should all say a big “Thank You” to Cute Polish for understanding our needs perfectly. This girl clearly knows that time is precious and perhaps that is why she has an amazing two-million-plus followers on YouTube. Of course watching one of her videos may provide you with another answer to the question why she is so popular. Her style and delivery are exceptional. There is nothing better than crystal-clear instructions and very obvious results when watching a ‘how to‘ video, and this one here ticks all the right boxes. ‘cutepolish’ is clearly very talented, as one sure fire sign of this is a simple technique which creates stunning results, as you are able to see here. So if you are a fan of pinks and pink nail polish, sit back and enjoy a real treat.

We were delighted to watch as everything took shape, and it soon became obvious that what looked like a complicated effect was in fact appreciably easier to achieve than anticipated. That is just the style of beauty tip we like, as nothing gets you down more than listening to someone droning on incessantly about something that doesn’t achieve the hyped up result it was supposed to. We also like the fact that while the predominant color here is pink, clearly some of the patterns could be easily used with other colors. In addition, with the variety of finishes, what’s stopping you from using the style you like best on all your nails rather than opting for a mix-and-match approach? Sometimes in these helpful videos you can find inspiration for all sorts of different ideas, which is what being creative is all about….

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