4 Ideal Places to Put the Kitchen Refrigerator Without Affecting the Decor

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, whether for the stay-at-home parent or for the whole family, so when furnishing and arranging it, attention must be paid to the places where electrical appliances are placed and the refrigerator in particular.

And sometimes some of us choose without enough knowledge of the wrong place for the refrigerator in the kitchen, which can cause a feeling of lack of space and the inability to swing.

there are some rules that can be followed that will help you achieve the optimal flow of the kitchen and in the search for the perfect place for the kitchen cooler, which we review for you in this report.

One of the most common rules of kitchen planning and design is the kitchen work triangle. This is a rule that designers used to ensure that space is optimized for use and that every element within the kitchen is made to make it easier to work with.

This rule requires that the points of the triangle of the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink line up, and each side of the triangle must be between 4 and 9 feet long.

Refrigerator near the cooking area

4 Ideal Places to Put the Kitchen Refrigerator Without Affecting the Decor

Beyond the kitchen work triangle, you must first think about how your kitchen will be used before deciding where to place the refrigerator.

For example, if you cook a lot, it is recommended to make sure that the refrigerator is near a large preparation area, such as a worktop area.

This way, you can reach your work or cooking area and get everything out of your fridge without having to walk through the kitchen multiple times.

The same applies when you come home with a lot of purchases that need to be unpacked and put in the fridge, and here it's annoying to walk back and forth between the pantry, fridge, and work surface or cooking area.

your kitchen should be organized, so that food is stored in one place and your refrigerator near the pantry or pantry, to make preparation and cooking easier and thus save you time and effort.

Refrigerator in traffic lanes

4 Ideal Places to Put the Kitchen Refrigerator Without Affecting the Decor

The basic rule of the kitchen work triangle is to keep it clear of paths of traffic or movement.

There is nothing worse than trying to prepare dinner when family members keep walking into the kitchen and standing in your way, a problem that may slow down your work, and can cause some accidents.

Therefore, study the paths that family members used to navigate the kitchen and make sure that your refrigerator is out of the way.

You also need to leave enough space to open the refrigerator doors.

A refrigerator next to the kitchen door

Refrigerators are the tallest element in the kitchen, so consider them when deciding where to place them, since some place them next to a direct entry point or the kitchen door itself, a place that makes the kitchen feel tight.

Here, he recommends placing them alongside other tall items such as pantry cabinets or double wall ovens, so everything looks compact and coordinated.

Refrigerate away from heat sources

It is important to place the refrigerator out of direct sunlight as it may heat up during the summer. You should also avoid placing them near or near the oven and microwave, as they also produce heat.

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